Michael Lohan: A Desperate and Despicable Dad!

Is Michael Lohan despicable for trying to sell the recorded conversations he had with his daughter and ex-wife? Yes. He is also a desperate dad with apparently very few options. We all can see the downward spiral of Lindsay Lohan, and many people, including her mother, father, and assistant, fear she will not recover from what appears to be a life ofchaos and addiction. To what lengths would any of us go to save our grown daughter from herself?

Michael Lohan obviously has demonstrated poor judgment as a father, particularly by accepting money for his interview after reportedly being unable to “sell” the audiotapes. What is unfortunate is that his concern for the welfare of his daughter appears to be overshadowed by his motivation for financial gain. If he had any hope of having a relationship with his daughter, he may have made that impossible at this point.

While listening to the tapes, it was obvious to me that Lindsay is a young woman who has been put in the middle of two raging parents for far too long. I can only imagine she has felt used and dismissed by both of them for many years. It is clear that these are parents who have put their own anger at each other and self-interest ahead of the welfare of their daughter.

As in the case of Anna Nicole Smith, whose doctor, psychiatrist, and lawyer/boyfriend have been ordered to stand trial for their role in her death, we see doctors, family members, and entourage members being accused of contributing to the detriment, and often the death, of their so-called friends and family. If something tragic were to happen toLindsay Lohan, would we feel the same outrage for those around her? If the release of these tapes in any way enables those that can reach Lindsay to get her the help she needs, then maybe this despicable dad did the right thing. He also could donate his fee to a drug rehabilitation center. Just a thought.

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