Teacher Cuts Off First Graders Braid

A Milwaukee teacher punished a first grader by cutting off one of her braids after becoming frustrated when she wouldn’t stop playing with them in class. To my shock, this teacher was not removed from the classroom, but little Lamya was moved to another class. Cutting Lamya’s braid is equivalent to hitting her, in my opinion.

I am outraged by this teacher’s behavior. She was clearly unable to handle the situation in an appropriate manner. I believe she should be placed on suspension from the classroom until this issue is resolved. This teacher humiliated this child in front of her class — and I believe assaulted her physically by cutting off her braid. Lamya was brought to the front of her class, a pair of scissors was brought close to her face, and her braid was snipped off and thrown into the trash. The school board should look into not only the teacher’s behavior, but also the principal at Congress Elementary and her mishandling of this situation.

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