Dina Lohan Should Send Judge Marsha Revel a Thank-You Note!

Finally, a serious response to Lindsay Lohan‘s irresponsible, reckless and immature behavior! She will serve 90 days in jail and then go into a 90-day drug rehabilitation facility. Judge Marsha Revel had given Lindsay as many chances as she could to clean up her act, but (as many people struggling with addiction issues know) that’s impossible to do when you’re still in denial about your own problems — and have entourage members enabling your erratic and self-destructive ways.

Judge Revel was frustrated and angered by Lindsay’s repeated excuses and serial lying about drinking and drugging. She also pointed out that Lindsay took over three years to complete her alcohol education classes (a process which should have taken 18 months). The judge sees right through Lindsay’s Hollywood sense of entitlement.

We have all seen how Lindsay’s parents have failed her from a very young age. It’s not that they are totally to blame for their adult daughter’s behavior, but Lindsay clearly was never given the tools to handle her success in a responsible and mature manner. A judge is now forcing upon her the guidance, boundaries and consequences that were severely lacking from Lindsay’s self-involved mother, Dina, and father, Michael. At least Michael Lohan has come out and said that he is pleased with the court’s decision. Hopefully Judge Revel has saved Lindsay’s life — and possibly her career.

Let’s not forget that all of this stems from two drunk-driving arrests and a charge of cocaine possession. As a society, we take drunk driving and the deadly consequences that can result from it very seriously. The person who should have taken this most seriously was Lindsay herself — but again, denial, ego and money can be deadly for an addict. Lindsay’s dangerous road has been littered with poor judgment, friends who support her stupidity, a mother concerned with her own fortune and fame and a father who, sadly, woke up just a little too late.

This sentencing — which I believe is appropriate and justified — may be Lindsay’s savior. The fact that she had “f*** you” painted on her middle finger before attending her hearing demonstrates her lack of self-control and lack of respect for the legal process. Who is giving Lindsay advice? Did anyone tell her that having the F-bomb on her nails probably wasn’t such a good idea? I sure hope her mother laid into her about it, but my guess is that Dina would try to minimize even this inappropriate action. That’s where Dina has gone wrong in the past: She has been in denial about the seriousness of her daughter’s emotional problems. She keeps minimizing her daughter’s behavior.

Dina Lohan should send Judge Marsha Revel a thank-you note (and maybe some flowers) to make up for Lindsay’s manicure faux pas! The judge’s firm consequence for Lindsay’s unacceptable behavior — the excuse-making, the pseudo alcohol-treatment, the repeated lying — needed to be handled with tough love. Dina and Michael Lohan have apparently been unwilling and ill-equipped to give that to Lindsay themselves.

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